To Promote Safe Driving Experiences, Mazpro Automotive Identifies and Corrects Wheel Balancing Issues.

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The scenario proves all too common: a car begins to drift, refusing to respond to driver commands, moving ever-closer to the centre line. The steering wheel vibrates, the tyres twist against the pavement, and a sudden slam of the brakes is needed to avoid the impending crash.

Mazpro Automotive recognises the dangers of unbalanced wheels. Misalignments impair the performance of every vehicle, interfering with basic operations (including steering, responses, and turn radiuses). It delivers a series of complications – which greatly increases the chance of collision. Seeking balancing services, therefore, is essential for drivers in the Melbourne region. To learn more contact us today.

Mazpro Automotive: About Us

Since 1987, Mazpro Automotive has connected drivers to the service, support, and expertise they deserve. Our experienced team – led by owner Nick Jonnes – provides premium diagnostics and repairs, generating optimum performance from every vehicle. We accommodate all makes and models (while specialising in Mazda, Ford, and Hyundai), and we pride ourselves in our ability to adhere to both manufacturer’s specifications and our own in-house demands. We emphasise quality with every appointment.

We also emphasise the need for proper wheel balancing in Melbourne. Our team will quickly (and efficiently) assess every vehicle, identifying potential issues and creating a custom solution.

Recognising the Signs of Misalignment

The causes of misalignments prove both varied and plentiful – with daily driving pushing constantly at the undercarriage. This causes the wheels to shift, with the tyres and suspension system no longer working in tandem. The effects are this are immediately felt:

  • Drifting
  • Sudden pulling from the steering wheel
  • Abnormal tyre wear
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel
  • Angled steering wheel

These effects greatly – and negatively – impact driving experiences, leaving cars vulnerable to slow responses and weak handling. Proper balance is needed to undo the damage.

Our Services

To promote safety in Melbourne, Mazpro Automotive provides our customers with a series of services – all ensuring improved performance and balanced alignments. Using the latest in diagnostic equipment, our team expertly examines every vehicle: assessing, analysing, and then creating the most effective (and cost-efficient) strategies. We comply to all manufacturer demands, maintaining all new car warranties; and we also offer a variety of genuine and aftermarket parts to cater to every need.

Through these services, we help drivers achieve superior balancing – as well as superior experiences. Mazpro Automotive fuses every appointment with a personal touch, ensuring that our customers understand (and are confident in) the plans we offer. We promote quality results.

In Need of Wheel Balancing Services in Melbourne? Contact Mazpro Automotive Today.

For 29 years, Mazpro Automotive has offered our customers experienced support – ensuring that every vehicle is properly balanced and perfectly aligned. To learn more about our services (or to schedule an appointment with one of our diagnostic professionals) contact us today:


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