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In December 2015, the Australian Bureau of Statistics noted a rise in automotive sales across Victoria – with the 26,806 total vehicles sold representing a 4.1% increase over the previous year. The market was strong and drivers happily claimed their Fords, Mazdas, Hyundais, and more.

For some, this happiness proved short-lived, with a lack of pre-purchase inspections connecting them to ill-performing engines, ragged components, and broken systems. The cars they purchased delivered none of the expected speed or fuel economy. Instead, they offered only endless (costly) complications.

Mazpro Automotive wishes to help our customers avoid these complications. We, therefore, stress the need for pre-purchase inspections – allowing drivers to identify, and avoid potential issues. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Mazpro Automotive: About Us

Since 1987, Mazpro Automotive has served as Victoria’s premier provider of repairs and servicing. We offer drivers exceptional results, pairing manufacturer specifications with a commitment to quality. This allows us to adapt to every vehicle and every need.

It also allows us to provide pre-purchase inspections. The Mazpro team emphasises the value of these options, urging drivers to spare a little time before signing on the dotted line. We’ll ensure that every car is road-worthy and safe. Let us provide comprehensive support before every sale.

What Are Pre-Purchase Inspections?

Pre-purchase inspections are aptly named. They’re a series of examinations, each meant to verify the safety and performance of cars that have yet to be sold. They identify possible concerns with:

  • Brake conditions
  • Exhaust system conditions
  • Clutch system conditions
  • Automatic transmission conditions
  • … and more.

By assessing the performance of each vehicle, the Mazpro team can improve the buying the process – providing our customers with the information they need to make wise investments. We highlight mechanical and engineering flaws, and we also deliver cost estimations for fixing those flaws. This way every decision can be made with confidence.

Our Quality Guarantee

We believe that exceptional service requires exceptional effort – and we deliver that effort to our customers, providing them with the attention and support they need. Mazpro Automotive promises:


For nearly three decades, the Mazpro team has been servicing Victoria. We have extensive experience with all makes and models, and our pre-purchase inspections reflect that.


We recognise that drivers may be unaware of the many engine subtleties. This is why our technicians clearly and carefully explain every decision, ensuring that clients understand their options.


Should a pre-purchase inspection yield potential problems, we deliver a wide selection of genuine and aftermarket parts to fix those problems.

Trust Mazpro Automotive for superior results.

Searching for Pre-Purchase Inspection Services in Melbourne? Contact Mazpro Automotive Today.

A car is a long-term investment. Make sure it’s a wise one, relying on pre-purchase inspections from Mazpro Automotive. Contact us today to schedule an appointment:


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