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A log book service is a type of vehicle service that uses the specifications, recommendations and guidelines provided by your vehicle manufacturer in order to maintain the vehicle at the optimal level of efficiency and performance. A log book is a guidebook of sorts, created by a vehicle manufacturer, that provides detailed instructions for how that vehicle should be serviced throughout the first 200,000 kilometres of its lifespan. A log book specifies when and why a certain vehicle service should be performed, as well as providing guidance on what parts, oils and lubricants should be used to perform that service.

The Mazpro Difference

At Mazpro, we can provide your log book servicing exactly as directed by your vehicle manufacturer. We never cut corners with a log book service. Using genuine replacement parts and the highest quality lubricants on the market, we can keep your car in great shape to the 200,000-kilometre mark and beyond.

As our name suggests, our main niche at Mazpro is Mazda vehicles. We are intimately familiar with the different log books and servicing requirements of different Mazda models and are fully confident in our ability to keep your car running like new. Our technicians are also experts on Ford and Hyundai vehicles and their log book servicing requirements. While these three manufacturers comprise the majority of our business, though, we are willing and able to service all makes and models.

Debunked Myth: A Log Book Service Does Not Void a New Car Warranty

When you purchase a car, you typically have one of two different types of warranty coverage on the vehicle. The first, the manufacturer’s warranty, will probably only apply if you purchase a brand new car. Typically, these warranties come in one of two formats: two years/40,000 kilometres or three years/60,000 kilometres. In either case, the warranty coverage only extends until you hit the first limitation on the tag. So, if you have a two-year/40,000-kilometre warranty but you hit the 40,000-kilometre mark in a year and a half, your warranty is no longer applicable even though your car is less than two years old.

The second type of car warranty is known as a ‘statutory warranty’ and generally applies to used ‘second-hand’ vehicles. When you purchase a used car from a motor vehicle dealer, there is usually a statutory warranty in place that will cover defective components or other issues with the car. The idea with this warranty is that a dealer should be selling you a roadworthy vehicle and should pay for any repairs if the car does, in fact, have immediate issues.

There is a myth in automotive circles that a car manufacturer can void your new car warranty if you use a third party for log book servicing. This myth implies that only the manufacturer’s dealership or service centre is capable of maintaining the car properly. The truth is you can go to a reputable third-party repair business such as Mazpro for log book servicing without any fear of your warranty being voided or questioned. Our technicians are fully qualified to perform the necessary services and stamp your log book.