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The mechanics of the clutch proves simple. The engine remains active during every mile. The wheels, however, do not, with drivers needing to quickly adjust their speeds and stop. To ensure this happens, the clutch seamlessly disengages the system – generating friction between the plate and flywheel to control the slippage. This process allows the vehicle to respond to every braking request.

The necessity of the clutch, therefore, is undeniable – and Mazpro Automotive provides drivers with the effective repairs and replacements they need. Our team expertly analyses every system, identifying all concerns and tailoring solutions for those concerns. We ensure that every vehicle is optimised for the road… and we pair this service with affordable pricing.

Mazpro Automotive: About Us

Mazpro Automotive boasts a lengthy history, arriving in Victoria in 1987. Since then it’s become a leading force in servicing and inspections – providing Melbourne drivers with the results they crave. Our team (led by founder Nick Jonnes) combines diverse technical knowledge with the latest in repair equipment, allowing us to address the needs of all makes and models. We improve the performance of every vehicle, and we also ensure that warranties remain intact.

For those in need of clutch repairs, we also provide competitive pricing. Mazpro Automotive offers dealership standards without the high costs. We ensure that all drivers can receive the care, attention, and service they deserve.

The Need for Repairs: Signs of Clutch Damage

The necessity of the clutch proves undeniable – and so do the warning signs of its impending failure:

  • Overheating, which triggers smoke and a burning smell.
  • Gear Slipping, which hinders the car’s performance and causes imprecise handling.
  • Loss of Engagement, which renders the pedals unresponsive.
  • Loss of Pressure, which limits the clutch response and allows tyres to spin continually.

Drivers experiencing these effects should quickly seek out a repair service. Failure to do so could result in a dangerous situation – with vehicles unable to properly stop.

The Mazpro Advantage

Mazpro Automotive recognises the dangers of poorly-performing clutch systems. Therefore, we provide our customers with superior servicing, finding the source of every issue (including worn components, crankshaft oil leaks, hydraulic leaks, and damaged flywheels). We then generate bespoke plans for every customer, providing access to premium diagnostics and repairs.

We also provide access to exceptional care. The Mazpro Automotive team treats every driver – and every car – with respect, delivering reliable, quality results. We communicate every decision, we follow all manufacturer standards, and we ensure that every experience proves rewarding. This, when combined with our affordable prices, allows us to cater easily to all needs.

Looking for Clutch Repair Options in Melbourne? Contact Mazpro Automotive Today.

Dealerships often require an excess of time and money for their service. Mazpro Automotive, however, offers premium services without the premium demands. To learn more about our clutch repairs – or to schedule an appointment with our team – contact us today:


61 3 9762 8899