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Sometimes, when you hire an automotive mechanic to fix your service your vehicle, you barely ever even deal with a person. Sure, you might call the mechanic to set up and appointment or chat with a front desk worker when you drop off your car. However, you rarely get to have a long, detailed talk with the technician who is in charge of working on your vehicle.

When you choose Mazpro as your Ringwood mechanic, you can rest assured that we will provide a different kind of service compared to our competitors. Since opening our doors in 1987, we have stood out from other Ringwood area mechanics due to the personal touch of our service. We love talking to our customers and always incorporate that into our process.

When you bring your car to us, you will always have a chance to speak face-to-face with the mechanic who is in charge of repairing or servicing your vehicle. These conversations can be useful in many ways, from helping you understand what went wrong with your vehicle and why a repair is necessary, to helping you plan out a custom servicing schedule based on your make, model and average car usage.

One-size-fits-all service models do work in some industries. However, when you’re entrusting a company to work on one of your most valuable assets, more communication and personal touch is necessary. At Mazpro, that communication and personal touch are precisely what sets us apart from other Ringwood mechanics.

Do you have any questions? Send us an email today, at nick@mazpro.com.au.