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Routine maintenance on your vehicle is important to its overall performance and to the safety of those riding in it. A quality mechanic in Ringwood like those at Mazpro in Bayswater can provide the type of personalised service you need to ensure your car is safe and reliable. Mazpro has been providing exceptional vehicle service for nearly 30 years with a staff of carefully selected mechanics to the outer eastern area of Melbourne.

Your car is too important to neglect. Failure to take care of it can lead to some pretty costly consequences. Many people will choose not to maintain their vehicles properly because of cost. At Mazpro, customers get expert opinions and their choice of parts to ensure that their costs are affordable. Often, automotive centres use genuine parts, which can be expensive. Mazpro works with customers individually to ensure they receive the best service at a fair cost.

Failing to maintain a vehicle can also lead to an accident. A steering problem or malfunctioning brakes that should have been repaired could fail while the vehicle is in use. Imagine driving and not being able to stop. You can avoid this danger by visiting a mechanic in the Ringwood area at Mazpro. A routine maintenance check may identify a potential brake problem before something serious occurs.

The experts at Mazpro can provide a variety of services including brake repair, transmission service, wheel balancing, and all mechanical repairs. They also provide log book servicing helping car owners stay up to date on all of their service by providing clear documentation and a stamped log book. To book your vehicle service, visit the Mazpro website,, and fill out the online booking form.

Find out If a Car Is Worth Buying, with Mazpro’s Pre-Purchase Car Service Inspection in Ringwood

So you’ve found a used car that you believe to be your dream vehicle, and you are just about ready to write a check and pay for the vehicle in full. Before you finalise your transaction, though, it’s wise to have a pre-purchase inspection done on the car, just to make sure you aren’t buying a bundle of deferred maintenance and cheap replacement parts.

At Mazpro, we provide this kind of pre-purchase car service in the Ringwood area. Buying a car that has been involved in several accidents or simply hasn’t been taken care of can be a costly mistake, and some sellers will make their used vehicles look just good enough to hide a laundry list of problems.

With Mazpro’s pre-purchase Ringwood car service, you will get a full inspection of the vehicle you are considering for purchase. We will assess the car’s safety and overall condition, let you know an estimate of its value and give you honest advice on whether or not the car is a good purchase. In other words, if a seller is trying to rip you off by selling a sub-standard car, our technicians will be able to find out.

Bottom line, you don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for a car that is going to need thousands more dollars of repairs done in just a few months. You want to buy a car that is in good condition, that you can drive safely from the moment you buy it, and that will serve you well for years to come. With Mazpro’s pre-purchase car service inspection in Ringwood, you will be able to buy a used vehicle with the same peace of mind that you would buy a new car.

Save Money, by Choosing Mazpro as Your Mechanic in Ringwood!

It’s understandable to be sceptical of ‘budget automotive mechanics’ in Ringwood. You always have to ask why a mechanic can offer lower prices than, say, the dealership. Sometimes, it’s because the mechanic or the technicians working at the garage are less experienced than other automotive experts. Other times, it’s because the business is using cheap parts and sub-par lubricants or oils.

When you choose Mazpro as your automotive mechanic in Ringwood, though, you can expect a money-saving experience without any drop in quality of service. We have been in service for 29 years, and most of our technicians have decades of experience in the auto industry. We also use only the best equipment and materials, with the goal of keeping your car running as long as possible. Bottom line, we are committed to providing the best service and the best price.

So how do we offer lower prices than dealerships? One of the main ways is by using a mix of genuine car parts and aftermarket equivalents. In some cases, using genuine parts directly from the car company is essential. Other times, though, genuine parts are overpriced without providing a notably better driving experience than their aftermarket equivalents. At Mazpro, by using a mix of genuine and aftermarket components, we get you a better price than the dealership without sacrificing your safety or the longevity of your vehicle.

Make Mazpro your mechanic in Ringwood today! Give us a call directly, on +61 3 9762 8899, or send us a quick email at