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Often, automotive owners feel like they get a raw deal when they take their cars in for repairs. Especially if you are strapped for cash and can only afford to spend so much on your car right now, you need to understand which repairs a mechanic is recommending, which ones are essential right now and which ones can wait a month or two. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for auto mechanics to simply go ahead with repairs without consulting you, and then hand you a big fat bill.

When you choose Mazpro as your Croydon mechanic, you will have a completely different kind of experience. For 29 years, we have prided ourselves on our personal, personable service. At Mazpro, you actually get a chance to speak face-to-face with the mechanic who works on your car. Your mechanic will take the time to walk you through what is going on with your car, explain what different repairs mean and advise you on whether or not a specific repair can wait.

Best of all, as your Croydon mechanic, Mazpro takes all of these communicative steps before we go ahead with repairs. Ultimately, it’s your car and your decision for whether or not you want to spend money on a repair. As a result, with us, you’ll never be caught off guard by an unexpected expensive bill for repairs you didn’t authorise.

Are you interested in scheduling an appointment with Mazpro? Make us your Croydon mechanic today, by calling +61 3 9762 8899.

Vehicles are becoming more and more complex every single year. New technological breakthroughs, along with the existence of a consumer base that wants their cars to do more than ever before, have pushed the automotive industry to a highly exciting time. Unfortunately, all of these technological advancements make it more difficult to find an automotive mechanic with the expertise necessary to handle your car’s repairs or routine servicing.

Put Mazpro’s 29 Years of Experience to Use as Your Mechanic in Croydon

If you are looking for a mechanic in Croydon for a late-model, state of the art car, Mazpro is a business you can trust. We have been operating for nearly three decades now and out business has evolved along with the cars. Our investment in training staff members, bringing in skilled specialist partners and working with only the finest diagnostic equipment, car parts and other resources has allowed us to keep pace with every new development in the automotive world. It doesn’t matter how new or high-tech your vehicle is: there is nothing in the auto world we can’t fix.

So next time you are browsing the yellow pages for a mechanic in Croydon, don’t just take your car to the dealership. Instead, stop at Mazpro: you’ll get the same level of automotive competency with friendlier technicians and much more affordable prices. What could be better?

You can find Mazpro at 2/12 Melrich Road in Bayswater. If you have any questions prior to your visit, feel free to give us a call on +61 3 9762 8899.