Established in 1987, Mazpro Automotive has developed over a period of 25 years into the respected and trusted automotive service centre it is today.

Welcome to Mazpro: Your Bayswater Mechanical Experts

The business is owned and operated by Nick Jonnes with over 30 years of Mazda experience and training. Backed by carefully selected staff, modern equipment and diagnostic systems customers vehicles are guaranteed premium quality servicing and repairs at all times. Whilst servicing all makes and models the core business is Mazda, Ford & Hyundai.

Situated in Bayswater on Melbourne’s outer eastern fringe the business is close to public transport and has a courtesy service that extends to a radius of 8kms.

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Affordable Bayswater Car Service from the Experts at Mazpro

Whether you are hoping to drive a car for 10 or 20 years without highway breakdowns, or want to make sure that your vehicle still has a high market value when you decide to sell it and move on to something else, Mazpro can help! We have been offering high-quality Bayswater car services for 29 years now. We specialise in vehicles from Mazda, Ford and Hyundai, but are willing to take a look at any car you bring to our garage.

For every vehicle and customer, Mazpro puts together a comprehensive logbook servicing plan. These custom service plans are designed to suit the vehicle make and model, the customer’s requirements and the average vehicle usage—among other factors. We’ll help you to figure out precisely how regularly you should be bringing your vehicle in for service, and explain to you why each service is important.

The result of this kind of vigilant Bayswater car service is that you end up with a vehicle you can always count on. Deferred maintenance can lead to unexpected breakdowns or shorter lifespans for your vehicle. But when you take the time and make the investment to maintain your car as it was meant to be maintained, it can last for years and years and remain a valuable asset.

Are you interested in learning more about the Bayswater car service that we offer at Mazpro? We invite you to learn more about our company online, at